Trundle Bed: A Comfortable and Stylish Solution

Trundle beds are a bed with a slatted base, often with one or two side rails, from which a mattress can be suspended.

A single person may sleep in a trundle bed alone while the mattress is lifted for another adult to share the bed.

Trundle beds can also accommodate children who find sleeping on their backs uncomfortable, and it is more comfortable for them to sleep on their stomachs.

In either case, when not in use, they transform into a compact storage unit.

History and Usage

The first known use of trundle bed was in 1542 in England, where it was used in the household of Lady Catherine Howard.

These beds are primarily used for couples; however, some models accommodate children.

They are typically made from timber or various types of metal or sometimes manufactured from plastic.

The most common materials found in trundle beds today are:

  • metal
  • solid wood.

In the past, more exotic products such as glass and wicker have been used. In addition to being used in a home, trundle beds are sometimes employed in guesthouses and inns.

Hospitality homes and bed and breakfasts often provide guests with trundle beds, with the option of expanding them to full size to make room for more than one guest.

The trundle bed is also often employed when someone has a larger than usual single bed but wants to use it for sleeping purposes only; in such cases, the bed can be pulled out when needed and then tucked away when not in use.

When the bed is not in use, it can be pushed towards the foot of the master bed and be made to look like a bench similar to a Murphy bed.

Truckle bed or trundle bed?

The correct spelling of the term is trundle because it is a type of bed that can be pulled out and pushed back. Trundle is also a word that means to slip along, which describes how you can pull out and push back the bed into its storage space.

How to Choose a Trundle Bed?

Trundle beds are made to fit the size of the bed you need for a good night’s sleep.

There is no standard size, and while there may be a common type of trundle bed, it is not always easy to tell what size it will be.

There are two main types of trundle beds: fixed and adjustable.

  1. The fixed trundle bed does not move out from under any mattress other than your own. This would work well for a single person who needs a bed that can be pushed against a wall but otherwise stays put in one place when not in use. This type of bed is typically the most affordable.
  2. The adjustable trundle bed will fit against your bed so that if someone needs to sleep in it, they have the option to lower the mattress. This helps keep your bed neat and helps take up less room if you have several guests who need beds during their stay. Ideally, this type of bed should be at least average height, except for your head…you may not want someone else sleeping on top of you!

What to Look For in a Trundle Bed?

When looking for a trundle bed, there are some things to consider.

  • The most important of these is the height of your bed. An adjustable trundle bed should be tall enough that you can still get in and out of the bed while it is lowered. This will fit best if your mattress adjoins the floor slightly.
  • If your bed is tall enough, then get a fixed trundle that will get into place without needing to be pulled out or adjusted at all. Many are designed with casters so that they can be rolled up to reduce storage space in your room when not in use.
  • A fixed trundle bed should be made to fit a particular bed, usually a twin or a double bed. This will require the customer to have the mattress from their bed as well as their frame. An adjustable trundle bed can easily fit any mattress, so long as it is at least 5” thick and around thirty inches high.

Know what you need your trundle for as well! If you intend to use it for overnight guests, make sure it is fitted with waterproof coverings and easy to clean fabrics.

An adjustable trundle is also more convenient if your guests are likely to raise the mattress for extra bed comfort; however, this can reduce available floor space in your guest room.

Pros and cons


  • Trundle beds are a great and affordable alternative to having guest beds and often provide a much greater value to your budget.
  • They provide the freedom of sleep over an extended period and sleep in comfort, saving you money on bedding and other items that could be repurposed as such.
  • Trundle beds also put the guest experience first as they make it easier for your guests to get comfortable and stay cool since they do not take up any floor space.
  • If you want more privacy or do not want your guests sleep with you, then trundle beds can be helpful.


  • The most obvious of these is that trundle beds can be inconvenient to move from room to room, so you will have to decide if it makes sense to dedicate a space just for a guest bed or not.
  • If you do, then you can place a permanent or semi-permanent bed in the space with a trundle bed pull-out if the need occurs.
  • It may also not be easy to store a trundle bed when it is not in use, mainly if you have limited storage in your room. If you do not have much space, then a fixed one might suit you better. If you have a lot of storage in the room, maybe the trundle might be worth looking into.

How much do trundle beds cost?

Furniture is one of the most critical factors influencing how much you will spend on your trundle bed.

As with so many other household items, prices vary depending on the type of trundle bed you want.

The average price for a trundle bed in the UK is around £310, but you could potentially find it for less if you shop around.

This is because you will need to take into account different factors:

  1. Prices can be affected by brands, and prices are also determined by the size and style of the product. For example, you will want to know the size and type of the trundle bed because this will help you make a more informed purchasing decision.
  2. If it is a large trundle bed, you should expect to pay more than if it is a small, compact one.
  3. Like for any other furniture item, your store or storeroom should reflect the product’s prices.
  4. There are varying prices because every shop has different setup costs and staff costs.
  5. Some stores might not offer any discounts for more extensive trundle beds, which could mean higher prices.

You might also have to factor in how easy it would be for you to retrieve the product from your home or business location.

If there is a delivery charge, you should also think about whether or not that would be worth it, especially since the prices may be a bit high.

Where is the best place to buy a trundle bed?

Traditionally, the best place to purchase bedroom furniture is at a retail store. But with so many online retailers offering great prices for trundle beds, you need to know where to look:

1) Be careful about your potential purchases online because it can be difficult to tell whether or not you are buying authentic items.

2) You may also not be able to get a return if you find out that the product is not what it seemed online.

3) You should also know that finding the best place to buy your trundle bed might depend on what store you are using.

4) If you are buying on Amazon, for example, then you probably would want to buy directly from Amazon, especially if they give you free shipping options or special offers.

5) If you have a local retailer, then that is probably where you should be going to.

6) If not, look for a retailer with a positive reputation and can provide you with quality customer service.

Also, the size of the bed will determine where you can get it from. You will likely have more options if you decide to buy at a retail store, especially if there are no shipping charges associated with the item itself.

How does a trundle bed work?

Trundle beds are a clever space-saving innovation made for those who want to buy a mattress and a bed but do not have much floor space, or the sole purpose of the bed is to be used for overnight guests.

It can be as a folding guest bed that is possible to put out of sight or pushed against the bedroom wall. It has an outer frame that allows it to slide easily on flooring surfaces.

It is a perfect bed that comes with a pull-out platform that makes it easy for guests to get in and out of their sleeping quarters. It also helps to alleviate any clutter in the room.

This is ideal if you plan to have your guests stay for an extended period; the trundle bed will make it easy for you to change out the sheets or bedding when necessary. The trundle bed, when in use, can be used like any other standard-sized bed, perfect guest bed, or sofa bed.

Do trundle beds come with mattresses?

As with other types of beds, trundle beds can come with or without mattresses.

If you are trying to save money, the mattress itself may be purchased separately from the bed frame. This allows you to choose your bedding, whether it is a standard mattress or an extra-comfort one.

The outer frame of the trundle bed will work with virtually any type of mattress available on the market today, including memory foam mattresses that will cushion your body while sleeping.

Are trundle beds suitable for everyday use?

There are a few trundle beds that have been designed specifically for everyday use. These types of trundle beds are usually more significant and made of more robust material to support the weight of an adult when in use.

Trundle beds can be bought in different styles and materials, allowing you to choose the one that works best for your needs.

Whether you want wooden or metal frames, or even one with a platform design, you will find something that works for your guest day bed if you look hard enough and shop around.


It is important to note that some beds are more extensive than regular standard-sized beds. If you are trying to fit the trundle bed into the same space as the other bed, it might not be an option.

You can measure your current mattress and compare it with the trundle bed to see if there is enough space for both of them.

It is wise to check out trundle beds before buying them. Even if you are using it for your children, you should still get one that works well and is sturdy enough to support the weight of an adult when in use.

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