Triple Bunk Bed: A Wonderful Idea That Creates Memories

The triple bunk bed is a phenomenon that has been popular in Europe for a long time and is still making its way to the UK.

Triple sleeper bunk beds offer an additional level of privacy and can be easily converted into different configurations to suit your children’s needs.

These beds are great because they allow up to 3 kids (or even adults) to share one space, making it easier for parents who need extra help caring for their children with disabilities or special needs not to buy three beds at a time.

What is a bunk bed?

A modern bunk bed has a double sleeping area or more storage compartments referred to as bunks. Bunk beds are often made up of twin beds, especially in hotels or dormitories for students.

However, bunk beds can also be found in used car dealerships and homes. If you are looking for a triple sleeper bunk bed, then this article is for you.

Triple bunks are basically an extension of the unit’s traditional bunk beds with at least three bunks.

This adds more functionality to the room by offering an extra level of privacy for each child, making it easier for parents to help multiple children at once in caring for them in one room.

Pros and cons of triple bunk bed

Pros of triple bunk bed:

  • Triple bunks are easily converted into multiple configurations, making it easier for parents to accommodate different activities at once with various children in the same room.
  • Triple bunk beds offer an additional layer of privacy, making it easier for parents to care for their children with special needs, especially when dealing with bedwetting in young boys.
  • Bunk beds are very versatile because they offer extra storage space that can be utilized by the kids (or even adults) who would be using them.
  • Bunk beds can serve as a more efficient yet cheaper option compared to buying more furniture or cabinets, especially if you have minimal space at home.
  • It can also make using the space above the bed easier since you do not have to worry about tripping over furniture and scattering your things on the floor. This way, you can keep your stuff organized and still have a fun and functional bedroom for your children.
  • Triple bunk beds are great if you have multiple children because they give each child their own comfortable and private space. It is beneficial for parents who would like to add more privacy in their home while ensuring that all of their children get enough attention from them at the same time.
  • Triple bunk beds can save you money in the long run. You do not have to purchase an extra bed or even build one to accommodate your growing child. If you are unsure whether your child needs a different size bed, triple bunk beds allow for stacking beds, making it easier for you to make the transition when the time comes.

Cons of triple bunk bed:

  • Triple bunks are higher than regular bunk beds, making them more expensive than single and twin-sized bunk beds. These beds are more complicated in their design since they require additional parts like rails and legs that usually cost more than standard components.
  • Triple bunk beds may be more challenging to assemble, especially those who do not have much experience. This is because their design and parts involve a lot of precision and patience in assembly. Most parents need the help of someone else to do this tedious process since it can be challenging and frustrating.

How much does a triple bunk bed cost?

The price of the triple bunk bed depends on its size, design, and ease of assembly.

A triple bunk bed can cost anywhere between £500 to £1000.

However, you can get double bunk beds for as low as £150 without the need to purchase leg kits.

Tips to consider before buying:

  1. When buying a triple bunk bed, make sure that you consult professionals who could offer their expertise in the matter. This is to ensure that you are getting the best quality parts for your money.
  2. It would be ideal to hire a professional to assemble it for you or at least check if it is properly built to avoid future complications.
  3. Also, talk to someone who has experience with triple bunk beds because they know what features are available in the market and which ones will best suit your requirements.
  4. If you are not sure about what you need, seek advice from friends and relatives who usually purchase furniture for their children. They may be able to provide feedback about their own experiences.
  5. Online reviews may also give you ideas of what to purchase or avoid. You can check popular forums or blogs that discuss various topics on home improvement, child care, and popular products that could help you with your needs.
  6. Subscribe to an online discussion board for triple bunk beds, where people share their experiences with the product and ask questions about its features and price range. Read the comments and feedback of other parents to help you make an informed decision.
  7. Remember that these beds are built for children, so make sure that the quality of the product will be good enough for your kids’ safety and comfort. Look into how easy it will be to convert into different configurations and how it could accommodate a growing child. Think about how much storage space you need on top of how many children will be using it.

A triple bunk bed is a significant investment, so ensure that you have done enough research before choosing what brand to purchase or not.


Bunk bed components usually come in a wide range of materials and finishes, so you will have to choose carefully and consider the color options. Some of these options include:

  • MDF or particleboard – A wood product made from materials such as wood chips, sawdust, and veneer. This highly dense form of wood with a rough texture makes this material resistant to wear and tear. This material is more affordable than natural solid pine wood but does not look as good in color or texture. Its aesthetic qualities also make it easier for microorganisms and mold to thrive.
  • Solid wood – A more costly choice of material for bunk beds because it is made from natural hardwood. This type of material is usually more resistant to wear and tear compared to MDF or particleboard. It will not easily warp, rust, rot, or mildew since it has a smooth finish and a clean-cut in its edges. The quality can last a long time but may cost a bit more than MDF or particleboard.
  •   Plastic – A non-porous material that is used for making or covering other surfaces. It does not absorb moisture, making it very easy to clean and maintain without worrying about fading, staining, warping, or chipping off over time.

How to choose the right size for your triple bunk bed?

Step 1.

Measure the floor space where you want to place your Triple Beds.

Triple Beds are enormous, and hence a little mistake here will lead you to the wrong bed size.

Step 2.

With the help of a perfectly measured wooden or metal frame, you can now estimate the thickness of your bed’s edge.

In other words, add about 5 to 10cm more on the sides, top, and bottom bunk of your bed for accommodating its sides.

Step 3.

Now measure from the mattress up to its headboard from front to back, multiply this value by two, and add 4-6 inches extra for walking space in any direction throughout the room while moving the bed.

This will help you to estimate the size of the bed thoroughly.

Step 4.

Once this is done, measure the double width of your bed (2 x width).

Step 5.

Last but not least is to measure its depth (7″ + 2″ for dust sheets).

Once you are done with these steps, your final calculation would be the total depth of your bed frame + the depth of all three mattresses, + the space needed for moving comfortably around it.

The bigger the number, the better it’ll help you choose the correct size triple bed.

Types of bunk beds

Generally, there are three types of triple bunk beds available in the market.

They are the slatted bed, the platform bed, and the ladder bed.

  1. Slatted beds are designed with multiple slats that have two or more levels. The top mattress is supported by several brackets that can be adjusted horizontally with ease. These beds are available in four different heights ranging from 52cm to 80cm apart from one another.
  2. The platform beds are designed to be solid and hence do not feature any slats. They are available in three different sizes and can accommodate one or two mattresses.
  3. The ladder bed looks similar to the regular single or double bed frame, except that its mattress may be placed underneath it. It comes with a ladder that can lead to the top bunk.

Placing a triple bunk bed in your room is not easy unless you know what is ultimately needed for its proper installation.

A single or double mattress can be used in most of these beds due to their adjustable height and support brackets. This height is usually between 25-80cm apart from one another.

Loft Style Bunk Beds

Triple bunk beds of this style are not for everyone, and they are trendy among teenagers and young adults, but they also provide a unique appeal in the children’s bedroom.

This type of bunk bed is designed to look like an actual loft where the ladder goes through the middle of the room towards the ceiling.

Some loft-style beds are designed with secret safes, desks, hidden drawers, and other features that enhance their appeal.

Their structure helps save space in your room while providing a casual sitting area underneath the top bed.

Convertible Design

This type of bunk bed is designed to provide ultimate value for money. These beds are usually combined with a desk, a single or double bed, and a dresser that offers additional storage space.

You will be able to convert your bedroom into a home office by just removing the desk from the loft bed and opening up the computer. You can put back your desk at night and convert your bedroom into a private area for sleeping.

The main advantage of convertible bunk beds is that they can be used for different purposes at different times.

You can use them as a simple bedroom during the day and convert them into an office by removing the desk from the top bunk during working hours. This convertible style of bunk bed is suitable for kids from 5 years onwards.

Drawer Style Bunk Beds

The drawer style of bunk bed provides a fully functional space for storing clothes and other belongings. It usually comes with a desk that has drawers under it to accommodate the required items.

If you want to store all your belongings in one place, you can choose this type of bunk bed because it features a desk underneath it.

The desk in this type of bunk bed is designed in such a way so that it cannot be used in any other way but storing things.

Trundle guest bed vs. bunk bed

A trundle bed is trendy, especially among children who are still small enough to jump onto the bed without any harm. When you compare the costs of these beds, they are cheaper than bunk beds because of their smaller size. It is essential to understand that this bed type is designed for children who are not yet big enough for a single or double bed.

Typically, these types of bunk beds do not have any headboard, and the mattress only sits directly on top of it, making it rigid and less comfortable than a regular bunk bed. Since this type of bed does not have a mattress, you will need to buy three mattresses for it and three offset brackets.

Safety rules

Sleeping on a bunk bed is fun, and it does not feel much different from a single bed. However, it is essential to know the following tips for safety purposes:

  • Be sure to keep a reasonable distance between yourself and the edge at all times. There should be enough space for you to sit or lay down comfortably without having your feet hit the railings or your hands brushed by them. This way, you have more control over your movements and do not have any difficulties when sleeping.
  • When you have a kid on the middle platform, be sure to keep a safe distance from the edge to avoid any incident.
  • When moving the bed from one side of your room to another, ensure that you take care not to touch anything in your way as it would have been loosened.
  • Ensure that the room is well lit at night and that there is no access way for any other object to fall into your bed.
  • Make sure that all the platforms are optimized by placing mattresses on every side of it since this will ensure even weight distribution across all three sides.
  • Never allow your little one to sleep on the middle platform without putting a mattress on the edges.
  • Never use any wire products to secure your bed or furniture since it will lead to an incident you might not have wanted.


Triple bunk beds are great because they offer an extra level of privacy for each child, but there are also many things you will need to consider as a parent before buying this type of bed.

You will need to think about how you would be using the space under the bed and the positives and negatives that come with triple bunk beds.

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