Just wanted to send out a special THANKS to the good people at AOL Spinner, URB Magazine, XLR8R, RCRD LBL, Freshpage and all the other great reviews of my new album 'Sun People'!

Here are some great press quotes!

"Riding high on a whirlwind energy of world beats, Sun People sounds like a steamy summer of bright nights and breaking dawns. Simply put, this is hot." - Wax Poetics

"From Balkan Reggae to Latin Mantras, Nickodemus holds a mirror up to the World, reminding us of our inherent beauty while inviting us to a dance we'll never forget." - Derek Beres, National Geographic World

"Sounds from the Caribbean, Brazil, Africa and beyond... Nickdemus has braved the World though the beauty of the Sun." - Osunlade (Yoruba Records)

"Nickodemus is a HIT maker! La Lluvia is a classic & the hook is in the brain at the first listen. N'Dini is groovey- a great dancefloor track!" - Julien Lebrun (Hi Perspective, Paris)

"Unique, original, sophisticated yet simple, naturally golden." - Pablo Ygelsias (Rough Guide to Music)

“Nickodemus is to music as Tajín is to mango. Sprinkle liberally and dig it.” – 3 Hive

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