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Nickodemus LIVE @ theLIFT / 1 year anniversary Jan. 2011


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FINAL VINYL RADIO / JB XMAS Since we lost James Brown in the physical Monday, December 25th 2006, we've dedicated a night of music ON CHRISTMAS DAY to the music of the "Hardest Working Man in Showbiz" "Soul Brother #1" Mr James Brown. Here's a little 60 minute mix recorded from old vinyl in my bedroom on December 26th 2008... just a little example of his great variety of works!! Enjoy & MERRYJAMESMAS!

WONDERWHEEL Radio Mix #1 by Nickodemus was made on a sunny day in May of 2004 celebrating the sounds & diversity of the new record label born out of Coney Island... It's a 57 minute journey into musical selections from Mali, Lebanon, India, Jamaica, Brazil, Europe & in between.

WONDERWHEEL Radio Mix #3 by Nickodemus was mixed to tape at the turn of the Millenium. At that time there was alot of hype about computers crashing & bank accounts going empty- lots of mass hysteria & wonder on what going to happen with all the technology that we created... like some Frankenstein type shit... We had a rocking party that year!!

WONDERWHEEL Radio Mix #4 by Nickodemus is an uptempo mix of Afrobeat, Latin, Brazillian House- a re-edited LIVE set (minus skips & feedback, train wrecks & power outs) at Turntables on the Hudson @ the Frying Pan May 2005.

WONDERWHEEL Radio Mix #5 by Nickodemus is a 1994 or 95 mixtape with selections of deep, jazzy soulful house sounds from the crates... Remeber good old Record shops? Downtown Records, Dancetracks, Vinyl Mania, 8 Ball Records...

WONDERWHEEL Radio Mix #6 by Nickodemus was recorded LIVE @ Michael Franti's "Power to the Peaceful" Festival in September 2007 in Golden Gate Park.

WONDERWHEEL Radio Mix #7 by Nickodemus was a special promo for radio in Australia & New Zealand for the Feb/ March 2008 tour... more of the current sounds in the crates.

WONDERWHEEL Radio Mix #8 by Nickodemus was an old mixtape from 95? sent to Jeannie Hopper's great weekly radio show Liquid Sound Lounge... She aired the tape while we were at a barbeque & we taped it off the radio! 2008 marks the 15th Anniversary of LSL Radio on WBAI 99.5 FM!!!