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Sun People on ESL Music 2009
"Sun People" (ESL) – 2009

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"Riding high on a whirlwind energy of world beats, Sun People sounds like a steamy summer of bright nights and breaking dawns. Simply put, this is hot." - Wax Poetics

"From Balkan Reggae to Latin Mantras, Nickodemus holds a mirror up to the World, reminding us of our inherent beauty while inviting us to a dance we'll never forget."
- Derek Beres, National Geographic World

"Sounds from the Caribbean, Brazil, Africa and beyond... Nickdemus has braved the World though the beauty of the Sun."
- Osunlade (Yoruba Records)

"Nickodemus is a HIT maker! La Lluvia is a classic & the hook is in the brain at the first listen. N'Dini is groovey- a great dancefloor track!"
- Julien Lebrun (Hi Perspective, Paris)

"Unique, original, sophisticated yet simple, naturally golden."
- Pablo Ygelsias (Rough Guide to Music)


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"Endangered Species Remixed" (WW* / ESL) – 2007

endangered species
"Endangered Species" (WW / ESL) – 2006

Give The Drummer Some - 2005 (WW)
Funky In The Middle (WW) - 2005
Cleopatra In New York Remix EP (WW) – 2003
Double Dutch – 2003 (Giant Step Records)
Why Can’t We Live Together – 2002 (Giant Step Records)
Mariposa – 2002 (Giant Step Records)
Free Souls – 2001 (Giant Step Records)
Desert Dancer - 2001 (Rhythm Love)
The Rhythm Love EP – 1999 (Rhythm Love)
Earth EP – 1999 (Mush Records)
Seven Seas – 1999 (Rhythm Love)
The Spirits Within – 1999 (Mush Records)
Dippin South – 1998 (Codek Records)
Universal Greetings – 1998 (Codek Records)
Spoon Song – 1998 (Mush Records)
A New Day – 1998 (Mush Records)
Listen To Your World – 1998 (Codek Records)
Tribute To Baba – 1997 (Codek Records)


album cover 1
Nickodemus presents "Coney Island Love" (WW) - 2004

album cover 1
Nickodemus & Mariano present "Turntables on the Hudson" (WW) - 1999 - 2008 Volumes 1 – 6 and 10-Year Anniversary Box Set

Nickodemus Remixes

*Jef Stott "Sono" (Six Degrees Records)
*Ocote Soul Sound "La Reja" (ESL Music)
*Rithma "Sex Sells" (OM Records)
*Mexican Institute "Microfono" (Lovemonk/ Nacional Records)
*The Pimps of Joytime "Street Sound" (WONDERWHEEL Recordings)
*DJ Rekha "Basement Bhangra"

*Thievery Corporation "Supreme Illusion" (ESL Music)
*Balkan Beat Box "Adir Adirim" (JDub/ Crammed Records)
*Vieux Farka Toure "Sangare" (Modiba Records)
*Gilfeme "Akwe" (Obliq Sounds)
*Nina Simone "O-ooh CHild" (Legacy Recordings)
*Billy Holiday "Travellin All Alone" (Legacy Recordings) Nickodemus & Zeb Remix *Federico Aubelle "La Esquina" (ESL Music)
*CeU "Samba No Sola" (Six Degrees Records)
Nickodemus & Zeb Remix
*Blue Man Group "Canta Conmigo" (Blue Man Records)
*Soulfonic "Eastern Market"

*Truby Trio "Run Run" (Compost)
*Marzebian feat Nerv Rahk "Hip Hope" (WONDERWHEEL Recordings)
*Boozoo Bajou "Take it Slow" (K7 Records)

*Zap Mamma feat Erika Badu "Bandy Bandy" (Luaka Bop Records) Nicko & Osiris *Sultan Kahn "Jaadu" (5 Points Records) Nickodemus & Osiris Remix
*Clark Terry "So What"

*Henri Guedon "Campesino" (ISMA Records) Nickodemus & Osiris Remix
*Astor Piazolla "Tanguedia 3" (Milan Records) Nickodemus & Osiris Remix
*Dublex Inc "Tocame" (Pulver Records) Nickodemus & Osiris Remix
*Baby Mammoth "Finale" (Echo Chamber Records) Nickodemus & Osiris Remix

*Plastic Buddha "String Vibe" (LEA) Nickodemus & Osiris Remix
*Karuan "Dunya" (Sunshine Records)

*Latin Project "En Fuego" (Giant Step Records) Nickodemus & Osiris Remix

*Local 12 "La Lluvia" (Tenet Records) Nickodemus & Osiris Remix
*Spacek "Get Away" (MCA) Nickodemus & Osiris Remix

*Henri Mancini "Shot in Dark with Gunn" Nickodemus & Jay B remix
*Astronauts of Antiquity (Liquid Sound Lounge) Nickodemus & Zeb TOTH Mix *Astronauts of Antiquity Stepper Mix (Liquid Sound Lounge) Nickodemus & Zeb Stepper Mix

*(WW) : Wonderwheel Recording
  (ESL) : Eighteenth Street Lounge Records